Wheelchair Ramps

Portable Mobility Ramps

Potable mobility ramps can help regain your daily independence and restore your access to different environments while using mobility devices. These ramps serve as a quick, easy, and inexpensive solution for individuals using wheelchairs or scooters to navigate over curbs, stairs, and transportation of their equipment. There are basically three types of portable mobility ramps.

Threshold Ramps

These ramps provide a simple and safe way to cross through doorways, raised landings, curbs, and more. They provide a study, inclined platform allowing wheelchairs and scooters to gain access where they couldn’t before. They are available in aluminum, rubber, and fiberglass.

Folding Portable Ramps

These ramps provide the same access as threshold ramps but with the added convenience of folding up for added portability.

Van & SUV Ramps

These ramps are designed to help wheelchair & scooter users get into and out of transport vehicles. Specialized vehicles with built-in ramps are expensive and aren't always available, but fortunately, this versatile option can help you get where you need to go. Some models extend as much as ten feet and can carry as much as 1000 lbs.

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