Standers/Standing Frames

Standers or standing frames enhance the quality of life for individuals of all ages with physical disabilities by integrating each individual into the upright position for normal life, classroom, and leisure activities. Standing delivers many health benefits, it provides stimulation to the bones in the lower extremities, encourages head and trunk control, improves respiratory function and stimulates gastric motility.

There are many types of standers based on individual needs:

  • Supine standers lean backward, support the posterior (back) of the body allowing for functional alignment while the client’s arms are free for activities.
  • Prone standers lean forward, support the anterior (front) and provide support and stability while encouraging weight-bearing and use of both hands and arms.
  • Sit to stand standers make the transfer between positions easier, are beneficial for standing frequently and highly adjustable for growth and changes.
  • Vertical standers are for users who have fairly good balance and trunk control, but still need upright support and alignment.
  • Dynamic standers provide the greatest mobility possible, promote motor skills and increase independence.

Whether you are looking for adaptive equipment for therapy, a standing frame for a paraplegic or a pediatric stander for a child, we are sure to have a product to fit your home, clinic, school or multi-user environment. Our certified rehab professionals (ATP/NRRTS) and vendors will work with you and your care team to make sure you receive the most appropriate and highest quality stander in relation to your individual needs.

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