Bathroom Equipment

Bathroom Equipment

Rehab bath equipment is designed for individuals of all ages from pediatric to geriatric who are having a difficult time safely or independently meeting their bathing or toileting needs. Choosing the appropriate type of equipment can provide the stability, assistance, mobility and confidence necessary to maintain independence in their ADL (Aids to Daily Living) needs. Handi Medical provides a professional rehab department to help determine and provide the appropriate type of bath equipment to fit every need.

Bath Safety and Support Rails

Making your bathroom a safer place is as easy as installing an assistive grab bar or rail. By installing one in the shower, near the toilet and in transitional areas, the user gains the support they need to avoid accidental falls and injury. Handi Medical carries a wide variety of bathroom grab bars made to assist individuals of all ages, needs and abilities. These grab bars also come in various styles and finishes to match or enhance your bathroom.


Adaptive and assisted toileting systems help provide independence while being designed to be practical, versatile and comfortable, as well as easy to clean. These adjustable toilets and commodes can be used as a freestanding commode chair, over the toilet, on the toilet, or as a shower commode wheelchair. Other products or accessories include drop arms, folding commodes, padded and raised seats, splash guards and seat reducers.

Bath Chairs

Bath benches and stools are the perfect solution for individuals who can’t safely stand in the tub any longer. Handi Medical provides a wide variety of solutions from basic stools, to reclining or tilting bath chairs depending on your need and environment.

Shower Chairs

Shower chairs provide both the caretaker and the user the stability and support needed to keep the user safe during bath time. Many of these chairs also double as commode chairs and can transfer easily from the toilet to the shower reducing number of transfers in a small area. Shower wheelchairs also allow the client to independently move throughout the bathroom.

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